About Promotional Products Network

Hi, My mame is Kadri Pereira,

I have been working in the promotional products industry since 2003, and I'm behind the creation & development of the Promotional Products Network.

It all started in 2012 when in need of some industry related feedback, I got the idea of creating a LinkedIn Group, exclusively for distributors and suppliers in Canada. The "Promotional Products Network Canada" group was born.

Limited by LinkedIn Group functionalities I realized there was more people like me, in need of better tools. Knowing the scope of work needed, I played around with the idea for a while, and, finally decided to go ahead with it by the end of 2012.

The main philosophy behind the Promotional Products Network is the following:

  • Paid membership does not give the opportunity to gather info about non-members and their credibility (e.g. distributor feedback & rating)
  • Paid membership sometimes creates conflict of interest.
  • Paid membership limits the amount of companies listed and makes it hard to build an all-in-one resource of all the related companies in the industry. THEREFORE: It should always be free to list your company with the Promotional Products Network.
  • Promotional Products Network welcomes listings of related services, suppliers and manufacturers
  • Promotional Products Network operates on a Donation Basis. So please be generous if you find the services useful and would like to see further development.
  • Distributors must be able to rate all suppliers & service providers. It gives valuable feedback for everybody and makes it easier to improve the provided services.
  • User feedback is critical for building a better service for all members. Make sure to check our Wishlist and leave your feedback.